Super Monday, November 7, 2005
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    Default Super Monday, November 7, 2005

    Super Monday, November 7, 2005
    This fall's Super Monday brochure is going out with the August issue of Professional Photographer. Find a program near you, and register by October 17, 2005 for only $99.

    For more details visit
    Gregory Aide
    Production Manager

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    Default Don't just attend ... think about teaching ...

    Besides taking advantage of Super Mondays ... think about teaching one. If you have something to share contact PPA and find out about teaching next April .. when the 1st Super Monday of 2006 rolls around. You get two teaching merits for teaching and it looks good when you look for other places to teach. If you are going for Photographic Craftsman it is a good way to get merits. Even if you are a Craftsman, consider giving of your talents. I will get my Craftsman degree next January but I'm still teaching a course this fall. So call PPA right away or go to the web site for information.

    Craig Flory

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    Default Super Monday Teaching

    How do you sign up to teach a program on Super Monday.

    Do the students come to you or do you go to them.

    If the Instructor has to travel are his travel expenses covered.


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    Default Super Monday Instructor


    Go to this link, it has all the info for SUper Monday.


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