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    Default M. Photog and Cr. Photog

    Since I just got my masters I have added the letters after my name and I realize how silly it looks. M. Photog. It seems like every other abriviation is just 2 or 3 letters and not an abriviated word. They did OK for the certified abbreviation CPP but Master and Craftsman are just too long. Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (a podiatrist) isn't Doc. Potia. Med. it is DPM or MD, PHD, MFA, CPA, MB, DVM

    What do we need to do to get the abbreviation for Master and craftsman changed to MP and CP?

    Thanks for your help and comments
    Mark Rose M. Photog.

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    Default Re: M. Photog and Cr. Photog


    The whole long abbreviation doesn't bother me. People will ask what it's for and that's another chance you have to sell yourself. Also, in Europe - all the degrees are long words. Here, everything is 4 or 5 letters minimum, anyway. (And everyone is a "dottore" if they went to college.)

    "Dottoressa" Stephanie.
    STEFF (not StePH)

    Stephanie Millner Cr.Photog., CPP

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    Default Re: M. Photog and Cr. Photog

    Not sure why that bothers you. IMHO MP or CP doesn't say anything and looks kind of silly. Don't think anyone would even know what an MP or CP would even stand for.
    Joe Campanellie
    CPP, M.Photog., Cr., Fellow-ASP

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    Default Re: M. Photog and Cr. Photog

    To me MP means military police. I prefer M.Photog.

    Keith A. Howe
    M.Photog.,M.Artist, Cr.,D.F.Ph.

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    Default Re: M. Photog and Cr. Photog

    Well maybe i am the only one who thinks this. Thanks for sharing your opinions.

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    Default Re: M. Photog and Cr. Photog

    I would say it depends on who you're talkiing to. There are a lot of people in my market who have strange insurance industry degrees like "CLU." These mostly seem to be intended for comprehension only within their own community (Do you know what professional degrees your insurance agent has?).

    Where the "audience" is other photographers, maybe shorter abbreviations would work, but if the audience is the public, I don't think they can be made shorter with any degree of intelligibility. We can expect people to figure that "M" means "master" as it does in the academic community, but nobody will have a clue as to what the "P" might stand for, even knowing we're photographers.

    I only have CPP at the moment, and I spell it out entirely where I use it for public consumption.
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    Default Re: M. Photog and Cr. Photog

    i kind of like it the way it is
    sometimes clients will ask, what it means?
    love when they do that, gives me a chance to brag a bit

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    Default Re: M. Photog and Cr. Photog

    I like the elite status of M. Photog. I always tell those who ask that I'm one of only 200 in the state of California. MBA's and MFA's are a dime a dozen
    Michael Gan,M.Photog.Cr. CPP,
    Meritage House of Photography

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    Default Re: M. Photog and Cr. Photog

    MP could also be mistaken for MD.
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    Rick Massarini, M. Photog., Cr., CPP., F-PPLA
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    Default Re: M. Photog and Cr. Photog

    MP in canada is a government representative like your govenors .....somedays having mP is good behind your name....most days not ....
    Suzanne Bird, CPP
    Ontario CPP Liason

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