AFTERDARK Tix4Sale - $200/each
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    Default AFTERDARK Tix4Sale - $200/each

    I have 2 After Dark tickets that I need to sell. My friend purchased/bid on these with me in mind (late Christmas present) at the PPA auction in San Antonio. Unfortunately, I can't go

    Sucks for me but good news for you!

    Regular Price $400 per ticket
    My price $200 per ticket. That or I really need a a Fuji S5 and you can have both.

    Call me at 707.529.9385

    February 16, 2011 - February 18, 2011

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    Default Re: AFTERDARK Tix4Sale - $200/each

    Bummer that you can't go, Marc! AD rocks!
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    Default Re: AFTERDARK Tix4Sale - $200/each

    I think I know someone who will take these. Let me check with her, and I'll tell you tomorrow.
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