So what did you buy?
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    Default So what did you buy?

    Lets tell what we bought at IUSA. I got a new background and a couple hot shoes to make my new saber strip work like I want it to.

    Keith A. Howe
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    Default Re: So what did you buy?

    I had a really great taco plate on the Riverwalk. Totally worth it.

    The only thing I bought at the trade show was a $12 SD card so that I could get some test shots on the Leica M9. They looked great, BTW. Trying to figure out where I have $7K squirreled away.

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    A camera bag at the PPA Charities auction; the Black Rapid camera strap (for women); another Radio Popper receiver; and some gels for my speedlight.
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    Got a new backdrop, some cute baby headbands and a Color Munki
    CK McDaniel, Cr Photog., CPP
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    Default Re: So what did you buy?

    A 6' five-in-one reflector for $75, a fuzzy camera strap by MODesigns, and a Larson Reflectasol in super-silver for an AMAZING discount!
    STEFF (not StePH)

    Stephanie Millner Cr.Photog., CPP

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    Default Re: So what did you buy?

    I got a new Kodak Zx3 Waterproof Play Sport video/still camera. They pulled my ticket in the Kodak booth in the trade show. Don't get all excited - it looks like a cell phone - 5 mp - no flash - but it does make really nice 720p and 1080p video movies! It's worth about $125.
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    Hey Keith,
    I bought a pitcher of Diet Pepsi, and drank the whole thing....

    Actually I also purchased two really cute key chains for my girls.

    Fine...I bought a background from Maheu, an upgrade to proselect, an additional Proselect license, and the ron nichols retouching palette.

    Jeff Dachowski M.Photog Cr.CPP
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    Default Re: So what did you buy?

    Jeff, your list is on my 'must have' list. you beat me yet again!
    Linda Gregory

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    I only bought frames and albums at the tradeshow. Each time I visited the GW booth, I placed an order....couldn't pass up the discount. I spent $50 on stuff for my daughter. My favorite being a tshirt that reads 'I'm crabby just like my daddy'.

    Won a Larson reflector in Travis Gugleman's class. Used the credit to buy new fabric for my reflectorsol.

    Oh, and I bought a super cute pair of Teva flops. Actually, several of us now have matching Teva flops.

    Better than all of the above was what I got for free. A lot of education, inspiration and encouragement, mostly outside of the classroom.

    Chontelle Brown, CPP

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    Default Re: So what did you buy?

    Quote Originally Posted by ChontelleBrown View Post
    ... Oh, and I bought a super cute pair of Teva flops. Actually, several of us now have matching Teva flops.

    Now THAT'S a lot of hard drive space! A pair of Teva Flops. I only have a few terabytes.

    And they match. Does that mean it comes in a mirrored array? (ok don't get on my case about HD space when in fact terra flops is actually how fast a computer makes calculations, but you have to admit, it does sound funny)

    All kidding aside. I bought a Gitzo monopod and some kind of nested stackable set of hard foam round things to stand and sit on.
    Mark Katz, CPP

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