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Thread: Merit Images

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    Default Merit Images

    I would love to see some of the images that have earned Merits in the last few years. I would post some myself but I haven't earned a merit since 99 and I don't get to see as many judgings as I used to. I hope some of you will post images with information like where it hung, what it scored (if applicable) what category it was entered under, what the title is and if it went loan. I really need to see what the judges are looking for. I have checked out the loan books from the last couple of years and they're great but I'd like to see some non-loan merit prints also. Thanks - David
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    Default Merit Images...

    These are some that earned merits for me last fall...
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    Default Merit Images...Part 2

    One last one...

    Scores were...
    In Full Bloom (Iris) 81
    In a CHild's Eyes 78
    HeartBeats 77
    Friends 78
    Makin' It 79
    A Moment 80

    State gives a merit at 75 Honors (PPA Merit) at 80
    Only one, in Full Bloom hung at the SEPPA Competition in March

    I have entered only one other competition, in 1998, where 5 of 6 hung with the best being an 80. This fall I have several nature images to try.
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    Thanks Mark
    All entered under open photographic? Love the Iris, I didn't think those things could live in your climate, do they bloom all year round!

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    Dave - Are you aware there are also general collection books? If you want to see prints that hung but didn't go loan that's the book you want. Contact Marathon Press 1-800-228-0629.
    Keith A. Howe
    M.Photog.,M.Artist, Cr.,D.F.Ph.

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    Thanks Keith
    I have looked through those to but I thought I'd get to see more with 5000 + members on this forum! I guess no one wants to brag

    Hard to believe

    PPA has a traveling Loan Collection and the books so I thought this thread could be an On-line version of those things for people who can't get to see the exhibits or get their hands on the books. Not to mention it would be a chance for people with merit prints not included in those books to showcase their talent and share their skill. I hope Mark isn't the only one out there willing to share.

    Thanks again Mark
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    Default Ahh merit images... PEC judges don't read!

    Hey David,

    Ok, not bragging but I'll share...I entered my first ever case to the western states regionals. Folks from CA,OR,WA,AZ,,NV and BC join and the 80+ses actually mean they are merit prints with PEC/PPA.

    Heavenly Day! 80 in the wedding category.

    Hip Hop Baby, 86 and was the Judges choice.

    Benched! 88, and was best overall in wedding entries and was probably 3rd or 4th overall.

    Left Hanging, unknown score..... wish me luck on this and I hope I get a 4/4 at nationals.

    There ya go!
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    -Marc Benjamin, M. Photog. Cr. F-PPC

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    Default Thats what I'm talkin bout!

    Thanks Marc


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    Hi David,

    Rather than reposting (too lazy, I guess), here is a synopsis of my images in the gallery forum:

    2004: Loan Images - Friends, Honest I'm Innocent
    General - Bottoms Up

    2005: General Images - New Elvis, Generations, Quality time and Still Daddy's Girls (These two not posted yet).

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    Meritage House of Photography

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    Default Ahhh Honest, we're Innocent

    Hi Michael,

    I've alway's loved Honest, We're Innocent...

    Good luck on this years case...
    -Marc Benjamin, M. Photog. Cr. F-PPC

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