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    Talking A few more questions! :-)

    Alright, what a learning process this has all been and is likely to continue being. A few more questions:

    The rules say to attach the lables to the back of the prints being sure to indicate in doing so which way is up. How does one mount the lables to the backs?

    The rules say that you can not enter more than one picture of a subject. Lets say I have a barn in front of some mountains and then a lake in front of those same mountains in two different photos, two different views, neither within 5 miles of each other? Where do you draw the line? If they disqualify you, is it your hole case if they have an objection of the two having mountains, or just the two in question?

    I have the cardboard box the print case was shipped in, can I use it and put my case inside or is only the case allowed?

    I am assuming return shipping is covered by the entry fee? If not how does one include the shipping fees?

    What happens when my prints get there, are they all judged in succession or are they mixed up?

    Is the video critique a good deal, as in is it decent quality?

    Thanks in advance!

    Mark Abraham
    Fine Art and Portraiture
    Now and Forever Photography

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    Hi Mark;

    First of all, I use an ATG gun to put adhesive on the back of the labels. I adhere them on the print backs. Then I use strapping tape, on the edges, just to be sure.

    The "same subject rule" comes into play with wedding images and portraits mostly. You can't submit two portraits of the same subject. And you can't use two images from the same wedding. For scenics ... as long from a different location, like described by you , it would be ok.

    You must use a shipping case ... no cardboard. I think you are worried about it getting beat up. You should see some cases people have used for decades. As long as it protects the prints .... the cosmetic look of the case does not matter.

    For $95.00, no return fee is required.

    I've never worked print committtee for PPA but did for many years in our state group. The prints are separated into the categories ... and then mixed so no two prints from the same maker come up back to back.

    I can't speak for, or against, the video. I would suggest you show your images to a number of Masters in your state (at a state photog. assn. meeting ? ) and have them give you a critique. With a video, you can't ask questions. With a group of Masters, you could get a bunch of tips and good ideas for how to improve your skills and technique.

    Good luck;

    D. Craig Flory PPA Certified, Cr.Photog., ASP

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    Craig answered most of your questions. As for the critique, the quality is very good. This year it will be on a DVD for the first time. One thing that is a plus for the critique - a judge can send an image back for rejudging if they think it should have merited and didn't. I know of one last year that was sent back and ended up in the loan collection. I know members who order the critique just so their images will have another chance.
    About your scenario of same subjects - while the mountains in the image are an integral part of the scene they are not the subject as you describe it. If they were no one could use the same high key painted wall in entries. It's the subject placed in front of the white wall that can't be the same.
    Good luck on your entries.
    Buddy Stewart PEC vice chairman

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    Default Last one and I am set

    I am assuming UPS ground is ok for shipping these.

    Thanks much to all who have helped. Craig, I did work with someone locally here to understand some of the dynmics of the compettition and they looked at some other images of mine and provided feedback so i could get a general feel for the whole thing. I have put my best foot forward now, we'll see how I fair.

    Thanks again to all!
    Mark Abraham
    Fine Art and Portraiture
    Now and Forever Photography

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