I now have my CPP after my name and am ready to begin my journey towards earning my Craftsman and Master's.

I've volunteered to help at IUSA this year in order to get an inside feel of the organization and to earn a few merits towards my degrees. I enjoy doing things such as this so service merits will come easily for me.

I'm entering my state's Fall Print competition this month in preparation for District and then the International Print Competition. Earning print merits seems to be pretty straight forward, not easy but easy to understand.

Where I stand now is figuring out how to earn my speaking merits. I have considered putting together a few basic classes that are geared toward new photographers starting out in the business. I'm not looking to become a superstar on the speaker circuit but rather a person that's willing to share the knowledge he has with people that are eager to learn.

I have 15 years experience so I feel confident teaching the basics and after all the best way to learn something really well is to teach it.

What I need to know is where to start. By this I mean do I need to draw up a lesson plan, present the plan to someone for approval and then start recruiting students? I have a wealth of new start ups within 3 hours of my studio most of which have no affiliation of any kind. I figured I could make this my target market for both teaching and approaching potential new members.

Any advice on how to get started would be greatly appreciated.

I would also be willing to work alongside another instructor if need be.