After Dark Vegas...Feb 16-18
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    AD Vegas....Feb 16th thru the 18th right before WPPI.
    WPPI was excited that we are there and are giving everyone who registers for AD a free Tradeshow pass.
    Tuesday we will be have an extra day and have teams of mentors taking location trips with attendees that want to go...oh...There will be no extra cost.....AD is all inclusive and we will never nickel and dime you with special " classes"
    With the AD format Vegas is going to be the perfect venue to burst the creative restraints
    Also, as a thank you for anyone who has been to one of the first 5 After Dark experiences we would like to give $75 off until Nov. 25th
    use >ADE< for the discount code.
    Thanks everyone for letting us making the After Dark experience a reality.

    Register for AD Vegas

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    MAny of the mentors are wired for Vegas. suggestions for the tuesday pre event so far has been the neon sign grave yard, Ghost town, the dessert, and from Peter Holcombe whois going nuts over this is:
    > I'd love to organize and mentor an adventure sports pod/location trip. I am thinking rock climbing, slack-lining and mountain biking talent to shoot with. I think I can get this together in time. Let me know if this of interest and I'll start calling in favors from my friends in the outdoor adventure world.

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    A friend of AD has a conection to hook us up with major tallent for AD Vegas....a sample :
    Pro: Dancers, Acrobats, Aerialist, Freerunners, Bodybuilders, Martial artists, Hand to Hand artists, Actors, Mongolian Contortionists, musical bands, Mountain Bikers, Roller Bladers (field trip to the half pipe?), Snowboarders (mountain is 30 min drive) and Motocross racers. Most of these people work for Cirque Du Soleil and are great at their trades, they also love getting there photos taken.

    this is going to be good....

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    What's the headquarters hotel?
    George Hawkins
    Cr. Photog.

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    not sure yet, We are still negotiating and should have it solid by the end of next week....

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    Thank you to everyone and please, pay it forward.
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    Thanks to everyone who has made the choice to be a part of After Dark Vegas. Because the deadline for the discount was on a holiday some people were unable to make it and have asked to have it extended a day. SO it is. The $75 discount is good until Midnight tonight! making registration $325! Code "ADE" will get you a creative, solution filled experience with great photographers in Vegas Feb 16-18th with the free pre con sessions on tuesday. Hope to see you there.
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    From Travis Gugelman:

    As many of you know 5 AD mentors went to Ecuador to use our talents to bless the many children living in orphanages. Well, WHCC has stepped up in a big way and is going to make image boxes for all the girls at the girls orphanage and I am sending them down and these girls will all have a personalized image box on Christmas morning!!!!
    We will be putting wallets and 4x6's as well so the girls can trade them with the other girls who they have lived with most of their lives.
    I thought it would be fun to also put in some little necklaces and small jewelry for these girls. They do not need to be expensive....actually better if they are not.
    But we are making 30 boxes and would love some help in filling these boxes!!!
    Please post if you are interested!!!
    And THANKS After Dark for helping in earning over $10,000 dollars this year to go 100% to this great cause!!!!
    Please help us pay it forward.

    We will be filling 2 suitcases with the boxes and sending them with a couple that is heading down on December 20th this way we are certain they will get there vs' using the mail.
    My studio will be filling the boxes.

    My mailing address is:
    Gugelman Photography
    20 East Main Street
    Rexburg Id. 83440

    Thanks the joy of the moment...Dave

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    Thanks Travis for allowing After Dark to be a part of a great cause. It has only been a year and After Dark has raised over $24,000 for organizations like Operation smile, Dress for success and now the Orphanages in Ecuador. That is what this is really all about.....being able to create opportunities for those who would may never had the chance....Thank you to everyone hard...give happy...

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    The hotel reservation system is up for us:
    Room rate is $109 with NO RESORT FEE!
    We have a large block but book now because we ran in to rooms selling out in New Orleans. Also, Please book at the Hilton, To get the space we need to have the event we need to commit to a number of rooms....and if they do not book, I will be buying the rooms

    We still have $50 off registration if you book now...code "ADE"
    Thanks, Dave

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