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    We just start doing High School Senior Pictures and I know that is a company that we can join and they would send( helping us) every month Campains, templates,etc..
    Does any one know something about it?
    Thank you!!

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    I would be happy to help but to be honest I'm not exactly sure what is is you're asking. Are you looking for ways to promote your photography? Ways to get it printed? How to shoot it?

    On another note you may have posted this in the wrong area. This area is for discussions about non-ppa events. I'm thinking you might want to re-post your question under another topic such as "portraits" or "business". You will have more luck there.
    Greg Yager CPP

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    Thank you!!

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    Well, it's like Sandy Puc University but just for High School Seniors!

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    Is this what you are thinking of?
    Keith A. Howe
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    Yes!! Thank you!!

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