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So I'm confused. How do you get your merit on record? If I did say a community event for photography, how would I submit that for a merit? Or if I got an award in a national competition? I can't find anywhere on the website how you GET a merit.

If you did a community event for photography it would not earn you a merit - UNLESS it was an approved PPA continuing education class. You have to apply in advance and be approved. But once your class is approved, the instructor and the participants each receive merits. How those merits get posted is by the instructor filling out the proper paperwork for each attendee and paying the $25 per attendee for the merit. So if you undertake a Continuing Education workshop make sure you cover that $25 fee in your registration. If you attend an event billed as a PPA continuing Education workshop, then you will recieve a merit for that. Regular state or local meetings do not earn you PPA merits.

If you get a merit or loan image at the IPC ( International Print Competition) then those merits automatically get posted to your merit record. It takes no further action on your part. The ONLY competition that actual earns you merits is IPC. Some people will say it merited at their state, but that's just a misuse of terminology. What they mean is it scored 80 or above at their state or local competition. At the district level ( several states and Canadian provinces form each of the 5 districts) you can earn a seal for a print scoring 80 or above. Again, people incorrectly say it merited at district. While that is accepted slang, it can be misleading to newcomers. It does not merit at district. It gets a seal. In order to receive the merit it MUST be sent on to IPC. At IPC it is an automatic merit if it is sealed.

Hope this helps.