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Interesting degree discussion - I joined last year, taking my CPP in March, and heading for the Master, and eventually Craftsman degrees.

I noticed a degree no one has spoken of... MASTER ARTIST. See here:

Photographic Craftsman
Master of Photography
Master Artist
Master of Electronic Imaging

Now, I checked out the link Ed Provided and guess what? Master Artist isn't there! Anyone know what's up with this?

Additionally, ASSUMING I host 2 Super Mondays a year, and Present a program at my State conf. (which I assume would be an affiliate program) and am LUCKY enough to get an article published... I might pull off six meits in one year - if I got REALLY lucky!!!
I would just like to understand more about creating opportunities and finding ways to share/present - make the degree more of a reality. I'm more than willing to work for it, just wish there were more ops to speak/teach. Are there no other ways to gain these points outside of Super Mondays, and/or Prof. Photog magazine articles? My state's newsletter is sewn up... :O) I'm looking for opportunities to help with IUSA to gain points also...

I have a background in corporate training, and am comfy in front of a crowd and LOVE LOVE LOVE to teach.

(BTW - I had planned to add the CPP info just like Phillip did when I get the official nod... Glad I read this post!)
You won't find the Master Artist requirements on the web site since the degree is no longer available. Master Artist was a degree for Artists and retouchers working in "conventional" media - those being pencils, oils, dyes, etc. As conventional retouching and artwork has been replaced by digital artwork, the Master Artist degree has been replaced by the Master of Electronic Imaging degree. Interest in the conventional Art-Tech competition waned and the last year it was offered, there were no entrants in the Art-Tech category. Art-Tech merits were required for the Master Artist degree.

There are a lot of ways to earn merits within PPA. You already know about merits for speaking at conventions, Super Mondays, and articles in the Professional Photographer magazine. You can also earn service merits by volunteering to work at the PPA National Convention assisting the Program Talent and assisting the staff do other necessary jobs to run the convention. You can also receive a (1) service merit for serving as a member of the PPA Council for your state. If you become your State association's President or State Convention Chairman, you receive 2 PPA service merits for your service to the profession by leading your state association (but no one takes on these kinds of jobs just for the merits, since being a PPA Councilor or an Association President or Convention Chairman takes up a heck of a lot of your time). If you are selected to be a judge at one of the annual state convention print competitions, you will receive a merit for that service. Another opportunity is to volunteer to work at the PPA International Print Judging, or at the convention putting up and taking down the print exhibit. There are lots of opportunities to earn PPA merits, but accumulating merits is not a quick thing - it takes time and dedicated service...