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Hmm, as I understood it, you aren't supposed to pin non-PPA pins on the degree ribbons, like the kodak/fuji awards and even the certification pin. It would be good to research this.
I've searched all over the PPA website and can't find anything official on this.
I've always understood it to be the same as Michael said - PPA awards only on PPA degree ribbons - No Kodaks, Fuji's or state or local award pins. But it would only seem sensible that such items as a PPA National Award pin, a 30 year PPA membership pin, or a PTY pin would rightly belong on the PPA degree ribbon. Where else should something like that be displayed? After all, they give special bars for certain numbers of print merits and they give an Imaging Excellence Award for a certain number of Loan Collection prints, so it would seem reasonable that if you put four in the Loan Collection in one year, that that accomplishment should be displayed on your ribbon... But I'm still searching for something official...