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    Default Shipping the Prints

    Hi all,

    I'm entering prints for the first time this year and I had a question about packing & shipping the prints. What's the generally accepted method for packing your prints for maximum protection without overwhelming PPA with too much unnecessary packing materials? How about sealing the shipping case. I'm sure not going to rely on the packing straps that are attached to the case...Is good old packing tape acceptable to seal off the print case? I'm generally pretty paranoid about shipping stuff and I tend to lean towards overkill.

    Thanks for your advice!

    John K.

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    Default I usually ...

    Hi John ;

    I usually put a piece of thin mount board between the prints and foam core inside the case bottom and top.

    After I pull the straps as tight as possible, I seal it with packing tape. Just in case .... I have a studio business card taped inside the lid and studio name stickers on the outside.

    I hope that someone like Buddy Stewart will answer you with an official view from PEC.

    D. Craig Flory PPA Certified, Cr.Photog., ASP

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    The attached image is from last year's print competition. This was a delivery that UPS made to me in one truck on one day. This time of year, Jim will be receiving 100-200 cases per day to open and process. While it is important for your cases to be properly closed and sealed, PLEASE, do not go overboard with the package or strapping tape. Two rounds of tape perpendicular to the straps, one at the top and one at the bottom, is sufficient to secure a case. If it takes just 5 minutes longer to remove packaging tape from just 200 of the 1500 cases without destroying the fiberboard exterior or cutting the straps, amounts to an additional 10 - 14 hours of additional work on top of the regular process time. One person can only open and process 30 - 35 cases per day. Please don't reduce that production by increasing the value of 3m stock.

    Best of luck to you all.

    Don Mitchell
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    Default Billiant!!!

    That's why I asked the question. I'm sure that many first timers will go overboard trying to make sure nothing happens to the precious cargo, while the veterans know how to keep the staffers from cursing them under their breath.

    Pad the prints with foamcore or moundboards, put your name and address on the inside of the case. Tape securely, but sparingly. Gotcha.

    Thanks to all who have replied. Good luck to all!

    John K.

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    Default Just remembered ...

    Hi group;

    A number of years ago when I worked on the print committee for the PPAofPa I saw a very unique way to protect print corners in shipping. The photographer had made paper corners for the prints ... like the corrugated cardboard corners frames have when shipped. Every little bit helps.

    D. Craig Flory PPA Certified, Cr.Photog., ASP

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    Default shipping case question

    Hi- This is my first PPA Print competition... do we pay return postage, or does a portion of our fee go towards returning the cases to us? Thanks!
    Kim Treffinger
    Treffinger Studio

  7. Default Print case packing

    Craig and Don have pretty much given you the scoop. If you look at the cases in Don's photo you will see the easiest case to pack. That's those tenba and tallyn cases. They come with seperators for the prints inside and they zip closed. Yes, they cost more, but in a few years of buying the tape necessary to close the others not to mention the frustation and worry, you would pay for the difference. I pack my case in less than three minutes with no tape used and have never had a print damaged in one. Just a note: if you go to extremes packing know that the prints will not be returned the same way. The folks working prints just don't have the time!
    Buddy Stewart PEC vice chairman

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    The return shipping is in your entry, but if you'd like to contribute -
    Buddy Stewart PEC vice chairman

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