After Dark New Orleans Nov. 8-11
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    Nov. 8th - 11th.

    This is getting way to much fun. My favorite quote form Portland AD was " I am embarrassed that I got this much information for so little money". Two others thought After Dark had been around for five years because of the content and execution of the event, they could not believe we have been doing it less than one year....

    After Dark has really taken on a life of its own with the mentors and attendees creating the energy that has made After Dark what it is. Thank you to everyone that has believed.

    The structured chaos of working with fashion lighting to create senior images or incorporating wedding quick posing into your personal system or getting marketing solutions from 6 different experts all sharing until they have nothing left.

    They just keep getting better and New Orleans we will be doing our 5th experience and one will be out of control.

    All learning...all experiencing...all one price, you do not have to pay extra to see the special people, you just go up and talk to the mentors....
    The start of the mentors:

    Dan McClanahan
    Ken Sklute
    Pete Wright
    Eddie Tapp
    George Kuchler
    Martin GrahameDunn
    Ken Kneringer
    Bry Cox
    Joy Vertz
    Chuck Arlund
    JuliAnne Jonker
    Cherie Steinberg
    Mike Ridinger
    Mark Fitzgibbons
    Jordan Chan
    Don Chick
    Ben Shirk
    Larry Peters
    Dan Davis
    Tim Kelly
    Bert Behnke
    Steve Bedell
    Peter Holcombe

    We are limiting New Orleans to only 300 registrants....Thanks

  2. Default Canon Clean in Check in New Orleans

    Once Again Canon will be in New Orleans with both the clean and check program and the equipment loan service.

    You will be able to have 2 canon bodies and two lens cleaned and checked at the event.

    If there is a lens or body you have wanted to take out and work with to see if you like it they will have the equipment you need there to check out for the day...In Portland Canon let everyone keep it out over night and it worked great!

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    One of the cool things with the help of Marathon, we created an online write board that mentor's could share spontaneous thoughts and pods they were inspired to do. A sample monday night was slammed from 11:330 until 1 am..

    Example From Dan and Alex who will be with us in New Orleans.
    Impromtu Millenial Marketing Discussion - Check it Out!!!
    Dan McClanahan meeting at Monday, September 13th, 2010 at 11:15 PM
    Yo Peeps!

    Monday night after the 10pm session (around 11:30pm) we will be presenting on new age marketing and how to flourish your business for free using creativity and social media. We will be covering:

    -Branding to book the clients you want
    -Facebook (how to use it and how not to use it)
    -How to blog effectively and maximize traffic
    -Creative marketing ideas that have worked for us
    -Much more

    Small preface: we started our studio in 2009 in a competitive market with $0.00 and no formal training. Now we're photographing destination weddings on both coasts and we operate a booming portrait studio. We attribute our quick growth to Facebook and other free web-based tools. Come hang out, hear our story, and dialogue with us about the social media revolution and the exciting opportunities it presents to photographers.


    Dan and Alex McClanahan

    The online write board will be great in New Orleans because it will let the mentors create last minute experiences that everyone can find out about by just going online... We are always trying to take the After Dark experience one step farther...

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    Did I mention JulieAnne Kost from Adobe?

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    If you are not sure what After Dark is about this is what how those who have attended compare it to other learning experiences:

    Bill Winter Let me put this short and sweet about After Dark. After attending 13 years in a row at WPPI. I learned more in three days at the Portland

    Cristal Matthews Grossnicklaus OMG... After Dark has ruined me for all other workshops!!! nothing compares... I've been to 3 out of 4!!! I love how everything is Hands on! someone that can and is willing to answer your questions, regardless of whether you think they are juvenile questions! the most fantastic opportunity someone will ever experience! I personally love the mentors interaction with the attendees! I know me and another attendee had a one on one with the fantastic Jordan Chan! I learn more and more with each AD I attend...

    Andrea Wert-Chapelo Well it is different because it is doing not just listening and it is different because everyone openly shares the what and why and I learned more there than anywhere and I wanna go to New Orleans soooo bad! :-)

    Michael Keo Learning, shooting and sharing until the early morning with people and mentors who are passionate about photography was spectacularly spectacular. I've never heard of such one on one interaction anywhere else. Bam.

    Shelley Harrington It's a hands-on, one on one, group effort. It can be whatever you want it to be. There is nothing else like it out there. That's the beauty of After Dark.

    Lisa D. Carcases A convention is basically a way to sell you products with some free seminars thrown in and more boutique seminars available for an extra fee. AfterDark is 35 or so instructors who are all teaching different aspects of photography: Lighting, composing, boudoir, pricing, marketing, networking, and so much more. And you do this with world-class photographers. There is nothing like it and it's the best workshop I've ever attended.

    p.s. Even that description doesn't convey the true greatness of AfterDark.

    Lora Krugh Campbell AfterDark allows you to learn interactively by whatever way you learn best whether it be by watching, by participating, by listening and asking questions , or by trial and error and it is never scripted so you get real life situations right in front of you not something staged in a convention hall. Its the industry leaders sharing what made them successful and helping you reach your personal goals. It is hands down the best investment I have ever made in my photographic continuing education.

    Ann Sneary A convention/seminar vs. After Dark. Convention/Seminar...1 person regurgitates their process to you. You take notes, buy stuff during the break, sit back down to take more notes, Take a picture with the speaker afterwards and go home and decifer your notes on what you can use, and things that don't apply to you.
    After Dark...35 mentors, you go with YOUR goals that YOU want to acheive/learn, All day hands on learning, and all the time to sit and talk with any mentor, whether you have 1 simple question, or wanting a complete business critique. And the great thing is you get to receive multiple views and/or opinions. These mentors are here for a reason, and that is to teach and interact with photographers who are eager to learn. I have attended 2 After Darks to date, and will be attending New Orleans. As attendees, we set the pace, the more interactive and excited we are to learn, the more pumped the mentors get and Vice-versa. You get to feed off others energy about the art and business of photography, and come out with learning so much more then what you went there to learn. After Dark Rocks! (sorry that was a book, but I could keep going)

    Chuckie Arlund I loose my voice much faster at Afterdark!!! That means that we are all out learning and observing and shooting and questioning all the time and it seems like it never ends. 10am-3am something is going on. The coolest part is seeing all of the different ways that people shoot and why they do certain things. You get to hear 100 different opinions and form your own.
    It all comes down to learning how to make your business more successful and improving your skill set with photography.
    At Seminars there is always a line after the presentation to speak with the teacher. At Afterdark there is no presentation really, just hanging out with no line. IT is really that amazing.

    Tom Stanley Take it from someone who attends almost EVERY convention and seminar. There is NOTHING like After Dark! Learn in two days what may take four years of attending conventions. Hands On, Hands On, Hands On. Did I mention that its Hands On working with the best of the best photographers and marketing experts? Don't miss New Orleans!

    Dan Davis AfterDark is a what I call a outcome based education. You learn at your own pace by how you participate. With a large classroom or convention hall w hundreds of photographers listening to one speaker things get lost and left out and it becomes a teaser or just a overview of what he or she is talking about is some cases. Afterdark is more of a big hands on work shop where mentors not only tell you how to do it but show how to create your goal.

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    I am excited to say I signed up yesterday!!!

    However, I do have a complain already.....where is my Nikon rep to clean my stuff?

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    Britt, smile. Canon jumped on board right away and told us they were behind us %100. They found us because they believed that what we are doing is the future of education in the industry...Warm fuzzies all over.

    Then Nikon...well, we never heard from them and we are not about asking vendors to come and play. We only want the people that believe in what we are doing to be a part of After Dark....which is why we will never have a trade show.


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    the Radio Popper guys take on AD Portland. We could not do it with out them...Thank you to RADIO POPPERS!!

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    AD thought we should give a bit of motivation to sell out New Orleans.

    So, If you are registered for New Orleans by Oct. 1, 11:43pm, YOu will be eligible to win:
    > Your registration fee refunded and a guest pass for a friend. (guest pass is of no cash value)
    > a $500 gift certificate from Larson ENT.
    > From WHCC: 1-Gallery Wrap (1-1/2” depth Gallery Wrap in 16x24 or 20x24 size with laminate; choice of Fine Art, Lustre, or Metallic paper)
    1-Press Printed Album (8x8 size, 10 spreads with traditional or padded custom cover)
    > Form Millers: a Fine Art Mural valued at $240.00 this will include sizes 24x48 and smaller
    >Denny’s will give you an EZ Stand and a Denny Cooler
    > Radio Poppers - one set of Radio Popper Jr's

    A random selection will be made around midnight October 1st, 2010 and the winner will recieve all of the above.

    Register now at:

    New Orleans Mentors:

    thanks everyone. Dave
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