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    Categories don't have to be finely divided. If you have pictures of brides and grooms and weddings, categorize them as "weddings." "Portraits" include babies, children, seniors, maternity, et cetera. "Commercial" includes pictures of things for sale. Don't try to get too specific--it's not necessary.

    "Purpose" is likewise best done generally. You don't have to give reasons why you took it or even who you took it for. Don't go into any explanations about the clients. The judges are looking at your pictures. Most images should not really need explanation. A cute picture of a baby or a lovely bridal exists for its own sake--it needs no explanation or backstory.

    And for heaven's sake, don't try to explain any of the technical might have a different idea from the judge's of what you were trying to do, and the judge might have been satisfied with what he thought you were trying to do.

    You're not a writer, you're a photographer.

    Most importantly: Think of the portfolio as an audition. You're trying to show your very best efforts. Every image should be chosen as an example of some facet of your mastery of photographic craft. Let's say you specialize in natural lighting. That's okay. But your portfolio should show some excellent backlighting with reflector fill, some twilight "sweet light," some examples of using natural reflectors and gobos, some subtractive lighting, the ability to correct the green-gray light reflected from foliage, et cetera.

    Yes, that means you should be exhibiting that level of work for your clients.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard_Kier View Post

    I don't believe a portfolio will be rejected based on the statement of purpose UNLESS, the statement identifies the photographer. You want the reviewers to understand the reason the photo was taken and perhaps the conditions faced.
    True, yes. It can be rejected if the statement of purpose doesn't tell the purpose of the image. For example, "Sweet Cheeks" as a statement of purpose for a chubby baby closeup doesn't explain why the image was created. Or, if there is no statement of purpose. Or if the statement doesn't tell you why the image was created.

    Also, going into the statement of purpose too much can be detrimental. Saying you chose a 30mm 1.2 lens for a portrait because you wanted to 'blur the background' in one image says that you don't understand the right lens selection for portrait work and that you were more worried about the background than the proportions of the subject. Especially when the next image says you have a 70-200 f4.0 chosen for a different reason.
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