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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahalbin View Post
    Is it really worth the money to go?
    123456789... Yep.
    "You don't take a photograph, you make it" ~ Ansel Adams

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    Quote Originally Posted by photopam View Post
    Hi all! I am a new member and this Imaging stuff is overwhelming!
    Any tips, etc for me? What to see when to get there, all that great stuff
    Also, I will be needed a roommate as well.


    I am excited!

    Hi Pam,
    I am new too! Female, non-smoker, non-partier, but do like to have fun. Need sleep.
    I need a roommate and to share a buddy pass.
    Drop me an email:
    my website is:
    Marlee Fitzgerald

    Good luck!

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    I know this is an older thread, but it is full of good advice.

    One thing I would ad is you may be in a class and it may seem like they are talking about something you already know and you start to feel like you "already know all this stuff", keep an open mind and don't bail on the class or zone out. The speakers often have to gear their lessons toward a wide audience with many experience levels, and may start out going over the basics that most people know. You may have to sit through half of a class that is reviewing "stuff you already know" before you get to the good stuff that is new to you.

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    This will be my first IUSA! On the way down, we're stopping at Zion N.P. for a few days, then off to Phoenix.
    Can't wait!
    Jim Bolen, CPP
    Play of Light Photographics
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    Hi Keith!
    How exactly do you sign up for the mentoring in the print show, and what size/how many prints should I bring? I am excited about attending as it will be my first time as well.

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