Rick, I couldn't agree with you more. I was highly disappointed when I received my London book in the mail. The need for quality education in all aspects of photography, including certification could be made more attainable by PPA. Myself, I have greatly enjoyed the "Online Learning" pass. If PPA offered an Online Learning program geared just for certification, I think it would be very successful. If certification material could be downloaded to an ipad, the price of the London book would more than pay for a 6 month learning pass certification. PPA does offer free legal forms and copyright stuff. However, I think PPA could follow the direction of the online Apple store and offer ibooks, DVD's, legal forms and material, signs, tie clips, ect. Remember the days of old when Peterson Photographic offered the belt buckle? I wore that for years. Today, I would wear the PPA logo on a shirt with pride. In short, with all the talent in PPA, they could do this.