I took my certification in June and while I didn't pass my first time around, it really didn't seem that bad. I'm retaking it in Oct. and I know it will be a different test. But it really helped me tremendously to get the nerve to take it when I was really only 3/4 prepared.

I've studied photography for years but my common sense didn't kick in...I should have FULLY prepared before taking the test.

I'm really hoping that the PPA will take steps in marketing that a CPP is the way to go. Every client I talk to has never heard of a CPP but they have all heard of a CPA...that's how our industry should be noted.

I'm willing to do everything I can to learn everything about photography I can, but I'm guessing that clients still may not see the value. I know images speak for themselves but...

Thanks for listening, wish me luck in Oct.

Robyn Kord