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    OurPPA Forums Get Re-organized

    The OurPPA forum committee has been working to improve the user experience on the forums at ppa.com. The forum conversation topics will soon be grouped into one of four sections: Welcome, Member, PPA and Community. The total number of forum topics will be reduced as well. For example, forums with similar topics or with low activity will be combined. Work on these changes should be completed in the next few days, so you will soon be enjoying the “leaner, meaner” version of OurPPA Forums.

    In the meantime, here is the layout of the new, simplified forum structure:


    • Forum FAQ

    Member (*PPA Members Only)

    • Join Member Forums
    • Business
    • Portrait
    • Wedding/Event
    • Commercial
    • Member Chat


    • Degree Program
    • Photographic Competition
    • Imaging USA
    • PPA-Approved Events
    • Certified Photographer
    • Affiliate Associations
    • Non-PPA events


    • Equipment
    • Computer Tech
    • Photography
    • General
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