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    Default Print Competition, California, Oct 16

    Please note that the Santa Clarita Photographers Association is hosting its annual Print Compeititon, Sunday, October 16, 2005.

    For details, please go to:

    PPC/PPA members are welcome to enter.

    David Saffir

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    Default Merit points?

    Our merits offered in this print competition? Thanks in advance!

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    Default State competitions give ...

    I'll add my two cents. State competitions do offer merits ... but they are state merits, towards state degrees, and have nothing to do with PPA merits. It is a good way to see how an image scores though. The only way you can get PPA Merits is by entering the PPA competition. ( or by entering a regional competition. If a score of 80, or more, there you send it to the next PPA competition and it automatically is an 80 there)

    D. Craig Flory PPA Certified

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    Actually, Barb, there are regionall PPA Affiliate competitions. The one I'm familiar with is the Western States Print Competition which happens around May. If your image gets accepted, it receives a seal of approval which automatically qualifies the image for inclusion of the General Exhibit at Imaging USA. You must, however, send the approved print to the International Print comp, which happens in June. This is a great way, albeit expensive, to get two chances to merit an image.
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