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Well probably but seeing as how my first few were cave paintings it might be difficult to post them here.

Just thought I'd get that comment out of the way before someone else made it. Actually mine were all from film and I don't even have all the prints anymore - so it would be impossible for me.

Glad Keith made this comment first. Now he can be the "official" old fart. All of mine were film too as well as a couple that were from some original artworks. So...if you wanted to make any changes you would have to do the whole print all over again from start to finish.

Got my Master's in 1996 after five PPA competitions. But...before I started I studied a lot at the local state level. I never just jumped in without having some clue of what I was doing.

I know you guys don't want to hear this but you just don't know how easy you have it now with digital. You wouldn't believe what was involved in the days of film. What used to take hours and hours to accomplish with film based competition prints can now be accomplished in a matter of a few mouse clicks.

Would spend hours in the darkroom getting just the right print. Did everything except stand on your head to dodge and burn so it was just right.

Then off to the arts and craft store for colored paper for the colored borders. Usually had to buy a dozen or so different colors for each print because the colors would look so different...not only under the competition lights but would also change color when gloss sprayed.

My wife was awesome with a pair of mustache scissors. She could cut a 1/8th circular border for a colored liner by hand.

From printing to assembly could take up to 8 hours per print. And if you screwed up along the way you got to start all over again. In those days not a lot of labs were doing this kind of work. If they did, it was pretty expensive. So even if you had them make your print chances are you were still going to have to assemble it all by your self.

I realize most don't know or appreciate all this...but I'm sure Keith and some of the others do. So...I can't really see why someone can not compete these days...it's just too easy and too easy to control now in comparison to the film days.