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I get that, but the requirements for degrees are pretty well-defined - what would cause objections?

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I've heard in the past that objections would come up due to some ethics such and so...

Oh and when a recipient starts claiming (attaching the initials/advertising that they are) that they've earned the degree already during that year that you earned the merits but not marched yet.

Also, if new evidence of say cheating were to come into light. Example, turns out you did same subject in the same year but no one caught it. Or the instructor of the class you were in would object since you entered a print created during a class.

Complainers then calls their councilor, now that councilor has to bring it up. It would be really mean though if this happens during imaging week and the recipient and their families have already there room/flight/vacation already vested.

Those are the situations I could think of. I've attended 4 of the last council meetings and I've never seen a complaint. I've seen a last minute addition though last year. Something about a miscount on the merits and it turns out whoever it was had enough so they added her name to the list and let her March.