Well, I've just finished teaching my second Super Monday class and I have to say that this one felt, for me, much more better than the last one. I felt better prepared, I had more students sign up (yay Facebook!), and we had a blast! I am very tired, however. I take that as a good sign that I gave it my all. My significant other said I butt dialed him several times over the course of the day and that he was very impressed by what he overheard!

After today I officially have two more merits to go to earn my Craftsman, and so I just signed up for teaching the Super Monday class in May. Don't know my topic yet, but I wanted to sign up before I forgot!

And I think that two of my students today will be signing up for PPA membership!

Preparing for this class meant that for a month or so leading up to the class I found myself specifically and consciously going through the steps needed, for example, to get a good exposure of a bride outdoors at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I tend to do this kind of stuff automatically anymore, which means that it's hard to explain it, but reminding myself of the steps meant I was able to explain things today specifically to the students attending, that felt good.

I have found teaching to be as valuable to me as getting my certification was. It is forcing me to pay more attention, to not do things by rote, and to take note of the processes I use so that I can pass them on in a way that makes sense to others.

I don't really have a point to all of this, just wanted to voice my experiences.

Now, if I can just think of a topic for the May class!