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    I would be interested as well. Just ordered the book last night through Amazon so it will probably take 3-5 days to arrive.

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    I'll let you guys decide, but when I was part of a CPP study group, we started by discussing each chapter of the book (I think week by week each chapter). That could easily be done here on the forum...

    Here are the chapters of the 8th edition. (http://learnwithbetsy.com/blog/2007/photography-london) Someone with the 9th edition want to just list off the chapters here? To see how much variance there would be... so you guys can decide whether it will work that way.
    Betsy Finn, Cr.Photog., CPP
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    1. Getting started
    2. camera
    3. lens
    4. exposure, sensors, and film
    5. developing the negative
    6. printing in a darkroom
    7. color
    8. setting up a digital darkroom
    9. image editing
    10. digital printing
    11. organizing and storing your work
    12. print finishing and display
    13. lighting
    14. extending he image
    15. view camera
    16. the zone system
    17. seeing photographs
    18. history of photography

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    Yeah i am up for doing a chapter by chapter review

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    Also, there's the companion site for Ver.9. Even though I still used v8 book, the v9 online guide was extremely helpful. Here it is:

    STEFF (not StePH)

    Stephanie Millner Cr.Photog., CPP

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    I would love to join! I would like to be able to take the test at IUSA, IF I can get through all the material in time.

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    Me me me!! I suffer tremendously from test anxiety and am ALREADY stressing out about taking this test. That's why I have put it off for two years!! I have the book and started reading last night.

    I am wanting to take the test at Imaging in January, but I can't figure out what day and time they are offering the test. Does anyone know? I am trying to book my hotel and don't know how many days I need to stay.

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    I am interested in an online study group.
    Unless there is anyone in the Denver, Colorado area.

    Magnum Photography

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    Now that we have a bunch of people interested, would our fearless leader like to set us up with a game plan? Also, I was thinking that it might be fun for those attending IUSA to set up a fun get together. Just a chance to meet face to face...thought I would throw that out there.

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    I know this has been posted before, but in case anyone missed it...
    Here is a link to a great resource based on Photography, 9th edition.
    It has online practice tests and a very good summary of the chapters.

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