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    Lightbulb CPP Study Group (interested?)

    Are you looking to prepare for the CPP exam, but don't have anyone local to study with? Well, the forum can be a great place for forming a virtual study group. Whether you have a large (15+) group or even just a single study partner, it can be the difference between putting off the exam and passing with flying colors.

    If you'd be interested in participating in a CPP study group that would "meet" online, or if you just want to find a fellow photographer who is going through the same thing you are.... put a post in this thread! Maybe a brief intro, and if you know when you're planning to take the exam, post that too.

    NB: I created this thread after numerous requests on how to form a study group... so I know you photographers are out there. Don't be shy!

    Discuss specific Chapters on the threads linked below
    Chapters 1-3 (Getting Started, Camera, Lens)
    Chapter 4 (exposure, sensors, and film)
    Chapters 5-6 (developing the negative, printing in a darkroom)
    Chapter 7 (Color)
    Chapter 8 (setting up a digital darkroom)
    Chapter 9 (image editing)
    Chapter 10 (digital printing)
    Chapters 11-12 (organizing/storing your work, print finishing/display)
    Chapter 13 (lighting!!!)
    Chapter 14 (extending the image)
    Chapter 15 (view camera)
    Chapter 16 (zone system)
    Chapter 17 (seeing photographs)
    Chapter 18 (history of photography)
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    Default Re: CPP Study Group (interested?)

    I am interested. I would like to take the exam at IUSA if time allows.


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    Default Re: CPP Study Group (interested?)

    I am interested. I have no idea when I will take the test. I guess that really depends on how long it takes me to get through the study materials HAHA

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    Default Re: CPP Study Group (interested?)

    Betsy, I am interested. Thx.
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    Betsy I'm interested - not sure when or where I will take the test though. I bought the book three years ago and haven't gotten around to studying yet! Thanks for starting this!
    Lori Clapp
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    Betsy, I'm interested. I'm going to try to take the test at the regional IPPA convention at the end of October. If that doesn't work out I'll find somewhere else, maybe IUSA or I could drive over to CA. I have to drive somewhere quite a distance no matter what.
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    Hello Betsy. I am interested as well. I am not sure when or where I would take the exam and have not yet spoken to the PPA liaison for Texas.

    I want to make sure I am focusing on the correct material for the exam. So far I have read Photography 9e, and The Photographers Handbook. I am going back over Photography 9e and the online quizes right now.

    It would be great to be part of an online study group!

    Brandon Frank, from Bella Pop.

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    Default Re: CPP Study Group (interested?)

    Me too! I'm in WA state.

    Kristi Sanger
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    Default Re: CPP Study Group (interested?)

    I am interested also. I am planning on taking the test at IUSA.

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    Default Re: CPP Study Group (interested?)

    I would like to as well - what materials are required?

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