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    Default Re: Webinar Merits Question (Another one) :)

    There are no feelings of resentment here, just a comment on changes that have taken place over the last 30 years within the system. At one time, merits (any kind of merits), were rather difficult to obtain, and the comment is that merits seem to be easier to get now than in the past.

    I personally don't really understand the whole merit for attending a webinar thing - I'm OK with getting a merit for presenting a webinar since you are teaching and giving of yourself, but for attending one? It just seems to me that the merits should be given to those who provide the education and pass on their knowledge to others. I can understand educational merits for attending a significant educational event such as a week long school like Texas School, West Coast School or something like that, since the whole educational experience at a school like that involves a lot of one on one and quite a bit of after hours education too, but a few hours at home in front of a computer just doesn't seem like it falls in the same category as far as an educational experience as West Coast School does - but I'm not administering the program, so my comments are just my personal questions, that's all.

    I always thought that the idea of the merit program was to get people to stretch their abilities as in print competition, to give of themselves and to share their knowledge as with presenting programs, and to reward people for performing services of value to our profession. I'm not sure that giving a merit for attending a short seminar or webinar program really accomplishes that goal - or maybe (or more likely), I don't fully understand their goals.

    I'm not sure if it's still part of the program or not, but in the past, when the CPP program was initiated and was still young, there were recertification requirements that included continuing education credits. When you attended a program, you got educational credits, and those educational credits applied towards your CPP recertification. Those credits seem to have been replaced by merits.

    Again, there are no feelings of resentment nor are any of my comments aimed at you or at anyone - they're just comments about the changes within the system that have occurred over the last 30 years...
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