What determines a teaching /speaking merit?
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    Default What determines a teaching /speaking merit?

    Hi All,
    Just curious what the criteria is for being eligible for a speaking or teaching merit. I know that the super monday class I taught is actually eligible for two, but if I go to speak to the rotary, does that qualify. What if I participate as a speaker at a career day? Speak at a photography school? Would any of these qualify? If so how do you get the info to Marissa? is there a speaking form you need to fill out and have signed by the attendees? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance.

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    The merits are awarded from approved PPA affiliate organizations. The local association that has an affiliation with PPA has an allotment of merits based on the number of PPA members.

    If you speak at a local, state association or PPA function (like super Monday or the convention for example), then you earn merits.

    Rotary and general photography classes are not meritable. You also cannot receive a merit for speaking at your own monthly local association.

    Michael Gan,M.Photog.Cr. CPP,
    Meritage House of Photography

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    In Addition to speaking Judging at a PPA Affiliated State, local and or regional image competion qualifies for a speaking merit. You may also qualify for a speaking merit if you are the webmaster or newsletter editor for a PPA affilate and you submit the website/newsletter to the PPA Affiliate Communications competition you qualify for a speaking merit

    John Stein

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    Jeff!!! Buddy!! How's it goin'? How did the Super Monday thing go? You never told what ya'lls topic was.

    Been a crazy few weeks . . . I'll have to catch you and Carroll up soon.


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    Thank you so much for clearing that up. I think the degree programs are fantastic incentives to improve ourselves and our profession.

    Elizabeth...How did things go for your weekend of shooting? My Super Monday Class went well. We taught a studio ( two photographers) and a wedding photographer how to go digital from their current film set up.

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    Default One more bit of info

    Hi Jeff;

    You need to add Jeff to your name on here.

    One more thing not mentioned. If you teach at a state association at a regular meeting you get one merit. If you teach at a state convention you get two merits.

    D. Craig Flory PPA Certified, Cr.Photog., ASP

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