Sunday, October 4th, Darton Drake will be in Wichita with his tour! I'm so excited to host him in my studio!

ee: 350
Darton Drake presents Burn, Baby Burn! In Wichita, Kansas at Linda Gregory Photography.

Does it seem as if technology is moving too fast? Do you love photography,
but find yourself bored by it lately? Do you feel like your work is

If yes, then you may have artistic burnout.

Be a photographer long enough, and artistic burnout is inevitable. Artistic
burnout is that feeling of being stuck in a rut, bored and tired of doing
the same thing, but unsure of how to move to the next level. Work place
burnout is a common phenomenon, and there is plenty of information and
advice out there are how to address it, but artistic or creative burnout is
so much harder to deal with successfully. A job is what you do, and you can
take a break from is to prevent burnout, but if you are like me, being a
photographer is not what you do, it is who you are, and it is this that
makes dealing with artistic burnout so difficult, you cannot simply just
take a vacation from who you are.or can you?

In my own 40 year career in portrait photography, I have experienced burnout
many times, so I know firsthand how hard it can be to escape its grasp.
Early in one's career, it is easy to see growth and progress. Finding and
reaching the next level is much easier, but as you move up the ladder, the
harder it is to find and reach that next rung..this is where artistic
burnout comes from.

When times are good, it can be easy to succumb to burnout by just accepting
as status quo, especially if you have been successful in your business.
Oftentimes long as the bills are paid, it can be easy to not press the
envelope. But in times like today, burnout can be detrimental to your
health, both physical and financial. Status quo today is akin to dying.

So how does one take a rejuvenating artistic vacation?

That is the topic of this new seminar. In it, you will learn tips and
techniques from me, Darton Drake, a 40 year veteran of the industry on how
to spot burnout before it is too late, how to seek out and find inspiration
while remaining true to your artistic vision, as well as how to appreciate
even the smallest amount of artistic growth. Our industry is in a state of
change, instead of bemoaning the changes, come spend a day with me and learn
to love, embrace and be part of this amazing change!

If people are interested, I would be happy to do some lighting
demonstrations as well.

I will also share my newest artistic technique, Texture Magic. (this was the
next rung on my artistic ladder!)

$350 per person call 847.770.5850

Lunch is on your own with plenty of places to eat locally and some that will deliver. Darton will stay here for dinner and be more than happy to have company so plan on staying for more Darton style entertainment!

I am getting a list of hotels for those who wish to stay either the night before or after, please let me know if you do, we may be able to get a group rate.