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    Just want to suggest that you place a Classified Ad Forum here. Many photogs would love to post their items, I know I would. I've used before, but get lots of reply emails from the UK which can be annoying. Just a suggestion.
    Jason Smith
    PPA Certified, M.photog., Cr., MEI

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    Default Classifieds offers free classified listings.
    Go to Photographers>Online Resources>Classifieds
    Gregory Aide
    Production Manager

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    Hi Greg,

    Thats nice to have that and all, but having it here would be better because this is a place that lots of photographers will look at the ad's. I knew about the other page, but hardly ever visited it. What are the statistics of that ad page? How often do people visit it? This site is open to non registered visitors to, so thats a plus. I'm also a member of another forum that offers ad pages. Just my thoughts.
    Jason Smith
    PPA Certified, M.photog., Cr., MEI

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