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    Default Congrats Keith Howe!

    I will let Keith spill how he did at this years HOA comp, but let me be the first to congratulate my good friend on his accomplishments!

    Your the best!
    Jeff Dachowski M.Photog Cr.CPP
    PPA Approved Juror
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    Dang, Jeff! at least give us a hint-- compare and contrast it to last year---Please!

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    Can't WAIT to hear the results!!! Don't toy with us, k??!!

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    Thanks Jeff, Diane and Heather. No it wasn't as sweet as last year but I can't complain. Sometimes the planets align for you and sometimes they don't. Here's my results.

    Wind and Water
    Score 79, I over printed this image. It was too dark. I will print it lighter and send it on.

    Too Close For Comfort, scored 87
    First Place Portrait of Pets for Heart of America - yes this is my pet, you should see him come running when I open a can of tuna. It's been murder on the furniture though. Actually this is the same animal as the image I entered last year.

    There's No Place like Home, scored 85
    Kodak Gallery award for NE

    Last Light, scored 94
    Kodak Gallery award illustrative for HOA
    Fuji Masterpiece for NE
    Judges ribbon
    Interesting thing about this image, it was created following our program in Maine last January. Jeff drove fast, very very fast, trying to get us to this spot by sunset. We got there too late or as a couple judges told me here at HOA "right on time". The image is either a 12 or 13 second exposure. I am laying on my stomach on wet rocks that are normally under water but this was low tide. The camera is propped on a rock and I am holding it with one hand. The other hand I have two fingers under the lens trying to keep it level and steady. Holly said the reason there is no movement on such a long exposure is because I was frozen solid to the rocks. It was bitterly cold and I was still wearing my dress clothes from giving the program. Interestingly, my best print this year and my best print last year, both times my good friend Jeff Dachowski was standing right next to me when I took them. I guess he is my lucky charm. I will soon be selling his feet on keychains.
    Jeff, as far as your lighthouse photos go, I TOLD you to lay down on your stomach!

    I was second place overall in NE.

    Keith A. Howe
    M.Photog.,M.Artist, Cr.,D.F.Ph.

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    Awesome case and congrats on the K Galleries.
    -Marc Benjamin, M. Photog. Cr. F-PPC

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    Congratulations!! Missing the print show...and seeing you guys...was the real sad part of missing HOA this year.
    Linda Gregory

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    Beautiful images - congrats Keith!
    Cassandra Sullivan, CPP
    Massachusetts CPP Liason

    Cassandra's Photography
    Here & There - The Blog
    "If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse."

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    Great work, Keith. Way to rack up the hardware.
    Mark Levesque, CPP, M. Photog., Cr. Photog, A.C. Ph., CPP Liaison, PPCC Judge

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    Wow, Keith, you go, man.
    --Elephants can swim...
    ...and very gracefully.
    Knowing that,
    I do believe
    Anything is possible for me.

    Kirk Darling, CPP

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    Just beautiful work! Way to go Keith. Congratulations. I too especially love the light house.

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