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    Yes, for an annual convention by a state affiliate, the merits are basically unlimited and do not count against your yearly merit allocation. But some local affiliates, like guilds, don't have annual conventions, so for those groups, they have to operate on their yearly allotment of merits based on their membership numbers...
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    To clarify ways in which one can receive merits:

    For PPA members who participate (speak or volunteer) at a state annual convention, a PPA member can receive a maximum of four merits per person, per annual meeting for non-state members and a maximum of two merits in any one calendar year to a member of the state issuing merits.

    While the state affiliate does not use their allotment for annual conventions, there are PPA by-law rules governing the number of merits that a PPA member can receive at an annual convention.

    Hope that clears up any confusion!


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