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    Master Photographer is the only PPA degree I don't have...yet... however I'm working hard on that one as we speak. But, I do put the abbreviations for the degrees I do have on my business cards and other marketing stuff and it almost always sparks discussion on "what do all those letters mean". By the time I'm done explaining, I have a relationship with them and they know about the education and experience it took to get here.
    Cheri MacCallum
    CPP, M. Photog., M. Artist, MEI, Cr., GFD, Ph. Artist
    Painter Portraits for Pros and Fine Art Printing Services

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    Never entered a print competition until 4 years ago. It was after my youngest graduated from college. Was to busy raising family and spending time with kids activities.
    Our total family income for the last 28 years has been derived from Photography business.
    Currently I am pursuing the Master Degree, (9 total merits received) last year received the Craftsman. Other then other Professional photographers, nobody knows. I never announced my achievements.
    For myself its more of a personal goal. Its been fun, however you always learn.
    I have been entering Nature and landscape Images. Although Our business is mostly Portraits.
    Not a week goes by that I am not able to sell a few framed art Image. It has helped our business. Added Income!
    I am better at creating Images that sale, then Competition Images.

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    Thank you for taking the time to discuss your feelings on the Masters Degree. I am new to all of this and really appreciated your explanation. I was particularly interested in the way your perceptions as a photographer changes over time. Experience is quite a teacher!
    Joanne Bernardini

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    Getting my degrees in the late 90's was a personal goal I set for myself. Has it impacted my business ? of course. Anything that you focus on with a purpose changes you.

    You realize when you get your Master's Degree, you haven't arrived, you've just begun...

    Jacqueline R. Baldini, M.Photog.,Cr.

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