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    I recently received 2 seal of approvals in the regional Illinois Print competition and I was wondering? I remember that the affiliates use to stamp the back of the print with the seal of approval, but this time they did not, do they report that to the ppa for merit credit, also do I have to forward those prints to the international print competition or can I submit 4 new prints.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Hi Alan,

    Congrats on your prints!

    You do need to send the actual approved images to International before May 1st (I think that's the deadline), in order to receive your merits. There should be some sort of marking or stamped label on the back. If not, call your print comp chairman right away to let them know of the oversight. You need that seal affixed on the image back.

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    Thanks for the help Michael, I will call them straight away.


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