One of the biggest reason for my election to the PPA Board of Directors is my interest in strengthening PPA in this manner: To strengthen the various affiliate levels throughout the country.

We hear, very often of the different affiliates, Local, State and Regional going into either bankruptcy, or near bankruptcy. My interest in creating new ideas to cope with the new era in trade organizations is, I would guess, the thing that tipped the scales with the PPA nominating committee. However, ever since Jack Reznicki called me to say that there was an opening on the board, I first thought I was the highest bidder sorry, my bad...

So, let's see how large this gets. If it gets too large, I will try to break up each of the discussions into individual thread (just thinking about how the Masters threads and the Cafe Guerbois thread become unwieldy).

All ideas are welcome, and we will also discuss about "Sacred Cows" which are usually the culprits of a failing organization. So, lets start with this:

Do you see any "Sacred Cows" in your associations?

A Sacred Cow is anything that your association just can't let go of because of "tradition". Usually, board members are afraid to let go of certain aspects of the association for fear of reprisals from the older, established members. Very often, Sacred Cows are the very thing that keeps an association from moving forward.

So, let's open this up and see what we get out of this. This information will be important as you all now have the eyes and ears of the PPA board of directors!