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    Does anyone know of a dealer that prints fine art canvases who uses a finer weave than 7 oz. AND uses a laminate or luster spray instead of a gel coating on it?

    I have a customer who used a different photog in the past and she thinks that the weave and coating were better than what I am currently offering through my pro lab. (Personally viewed a sample against it but didn't see any difference.) However, I am interested in speaking with someone who specializes in fine art canvases and other fine art photographic papers, other than the big labs. The photog she used does not outsource this. He does it himself.
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    Just go to the finest canvas printer in the country There is no one that can beat the quality of their product and all they do is canvas. Call customer service if you like and ask them all the questions you want. I love this company and highly recommend them to everyone.

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