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    Default How many print merits?

    Does anyone know if you have to have a certain number of print merits vs. education merits or is just 25 total to get your masters??

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    You need 13 print merits an 12 service merits.
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    Default Or ...

    Hi Karen;

    Michael is correct but I will add a but ... if you are really good you can use 25 print merits for it. The requirements state that you need a minimum of 13 print merits ... bur you can use more than 13 print merits.

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    so it's possible to get all 25 as print merits (eventually?) What is a service merit? Is that what going to IUSA falls under?
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    A service merit is one that is not....

    1. Exhibition Merit - Merit images in a PPA Print comp
    2. Speaker Merit - giving a speaking program, writing for PPA magazine, etc

    Service merits are given for attending an Affiliate educational event, judging, etc.
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    Thanks for clearing that up, Don!
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    I know I remember seeing the 13 - 12 thing but I don't see it now, it just says 25 total. I have 15 print merits but only 5 education merits (sad, I know) so I can apply the two extra print merits toward the 25 total?

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    Yes you can. Get out there and take or give a super monday or something!!!
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    There are lots of ways to get those few additional service merits for your Masters. I can suggest a way that you can get a couple more - just volunteer to help as a print handler at the PPA International Print Judging in June in Atlanta. Spend a few days spinning prints and listening to the best of the best judge the best from the best and you even get a couple of service merits for your time - how can you loose??? Volunteer, and you're a winner all around !!!
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    Default well...

    "2. Speaker Merit - giving a speaking program, writing for PPA magazine, etc"

    When did that change? Back in the day, speaking merits counted toward a masters....

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