Super Monday - Preparing for Certification, Atlanta, GA
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    Default Super Monday - Preparing for Certification, Atlanta, GA

    There's nothing to fear! Certification can seem like an overwhelming process for many photographers. I mean, really, when was the last time you had to take a written test to prove what you know? Well, never fear... we have a prep class just for you.

    You'll find out, in-depth, what topics will be on the test, how to study for those topics, how to figure out what you don't know, some ideas on how to prepare for the actual testing process, and a whole bunch of sample questions scattered throughout the day to get your brain thinking in "test" mode.

    As time allows, we'll also talk through what the panel is looking for in your image submission and how to choose your images.

    Leave your fear behind and join us in Atlanta for a fun (yes, I did say fun... even though we're talking about taking a test) Super Monday (on a Sunday)!

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    Why must so many things be scheduled when I'm out of town?

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    Heather is a great teacher and has ways of helping you "get it"!!!
    I am looking into plane tickets and a babysitter for the weekend right now...
    Be well,
    Stacey Damon, CPP
    Av by The Don

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    Default Let me just say this....

    For those of you thinking about taking the exam you should go see Heather!! Heather and I shared a room while when we took our exam in NH together. To say she was prepared and I was underprepared is a bit of an understatment. So like any good roomie she made me study(she even asked me questions as I feel asleep, you would think the closed eyes would be a clue she could stop ) I had the book and meant to study but somethings just were not clicking from looking at the book. Heather made the lightbulbs come on for me. And for those who want to know if it worked...just see the initials after my name...Heather ROCKS!!!
    Did you miss me?
    Andrea Chapelo, CPP

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    It's exciting to see you teaching this important topic. You won't forget to mention that they might want to bring a pencil (or 2) to the testing session, will you????
    M.Photog., Cr., CPP, D.C.Ph.

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    Heather- I'd take this class if it were a webinar- wish I could be there in person.
    Erin L. Clark, CPP
    E-n-E Photography

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    Default Certification!!!

    As the footwear company says: JUST DO IT!

    Made CPP when there were no digital questions!
    George Hawkins
    Cr. Photog.

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    Default date

    Has this class taken place yet?
    Thank you

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