its just TriCoast is more than just a name brand to me, it is a set of photographers all having weakness which the others cover up with their strengths so unless they make a Masters for all of us at the same time I do not see me ever competing in a print competition.
Why not have all three of you get your Masters together? Consider this so that each of you individually don't have to rely on each other's weaknesses in order to produce a wonderful product for your clients, it's a more efficient concept in your business. With the teaching credentials you have for your many followers, it worries me that mediocrity for success is not necessarily the best thing to teach an industry that is well below the poverty level - which, if I'm reading your message right, seems like what you are suggesting. Please understand, I have all the admiration for you and what you three have been doing based on the current trends in photography, but will that be enough to help the others when those trends change? I've seen it time and time again, where photographers jump on a trend bandwagon only to fall victim to not being able to adapt to the new trends simply because they never developed the necesary skills to adapt. We're starting to see a lot of photographers having troubles transitioning from the PJ style over to the "Fashion style" in weddings, just like many could not go from the "formal style" over to PJ.

Competition encourages photographers to figure out how others are able to be successful. It is, indeed, a strong study tool that can only make our association's members stronger