IA and MA State Conventions PLEASE come see us (TriCoast)
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    Default IA and MA State Conventions PLEASE come see us (TriCoast)

    Just wanted to let all of our PPA friends about a few of our up coming speaking engagements which hopefully we will see some of Our PPA friends there.

    Cody, myself and Suzy will be making Iowa next week while I will be making MA in Feb.

    Iowa PPA State Convention - Jan 30th and 31st. 8 hour speaking engagement with both Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton of TriCoast Photography on wireless flash, marketing and other aspects of our business.

    Professional Photographers of Massachusetts (PPAM) - Last day of the convention so we will be throwing out EVERYTHING we possibly can for those who brave the end of the convention and stay to learn from us! Wireless Flash - Studio Lighting - Hands On Shooting - Everything you want to know or ask will be covered until we simply have to catch our plane ride back home!
    Mike Fulton, Putting this after his name to make people happy
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    ohhhhhhh, all day with Tri-Coast....MA is soooo close too...I just may be there!!! YAY!
    Be well,
    Stacey Damon, CPP
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    I will definitely be there in MA!
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    I'll definitely be there.....Oh... I'm speaking too!!!

    Mike, I hope our schedules overlap. I can't stay till Monday but will be there for part of the day on Sunday.
    M.Photog., Cr., CPP, D.C.Ph.


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