Best way to get from the airport to the Sheraton
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    Default Best way to get from the airport to the Sheraton

    We are flying out in the morning and be there around 10:30 anyone know the cost of a taxi or is there better ways of getting there?

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    Default Metro Rail


    I got there by the metro rail. If you miss it by just a minute or two, it may take 30 minutes or so. Check with the sheraton and see if they have an airport shuttle.


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    There is no shuttle from the Hotel to the airport.

    We arrived at the airport and there is a free shuttle to the light rail... you buy a pass there and take the light rail into Phoenix and if your staying at the Sheraton downtown, you get off at Washington and 3rd Street... then walk about 3 blocks up to the Sheraton... It's not too bad at all... you can expect that it will take about an hour from the time you get to the airport to getting to the hotel.

    Hope that helps... you can take a cab but they are pretty pricy.

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    The hotel recommended Super Shuttle. No reservation needed. Just go to teh curb and see a dispatcher. 5 minutes for a van to come. $12 right to the hotel. Easy.

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    Ooh, thanks Jack! See you all real soon...
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    thanks for sharing this... we're on our way!
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    $22 for a (metered) cab.
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