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    Ok, so call this elementary, but this will be the first photography conference I attend and I feel a bit overwhelmed What do I bring along with me to the actually classes? camera, laptop, portfolio, none of this? I expect it to be mostly listening? I'd appreciate any advice on what to expect

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    You should maybe bring a small bag with just a notebook. You might take notes with a laptop but with the tight chair spacing its probably more trouble than its worth. You can bring a portfolio maybe on a phone or small book if you really want to share with the folks you meet but its certainly not something you need. I really don't see the need for a camera unless you get nervous without one .

    You'll listen alot, take notes when you want, and hopefully meet some new folks. You'll pick up alot of literature at the trade show, but they give out tons of bags to carry it in.

    - trr

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    Great - thanks for the advice. I'm very excited about it. Sounds similar to Sam's Bellies and Babies tour. Chairs were tight and you wanted as little as possible in your hands.

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    Yup, chairs every 17.9 inches and not alot of rump-room! Make friends with your neighbors! You'll learn just as much commiserating with the folks that you meet.

    Also, the trade show is great for meeting with the actual folks that fulfill your orders. The relationships that you build are what you are investing in - the education is the icing on the cake!

    - trr

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd_Reichman View Post
    I really don't see the need for a camera unless you get nervous without one .

    - trr
    I have to disagree on this point. Last year I brought my Canon 5d, but did not like having to carry it around with me. I tried and tried to buy a point and shoot but could not find one for sale anywhere! How funny is that? You will want to take lots of photos with all your new friends, and post them on the forum after it's over!!
    Lori Clapp
    Will I EVER know how to use what I learn?

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    Good idea, Lori. I will bring my point and shoot.

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    If I'm not mistaken, there were roughly 6-7 thousand attendees at IUSA this last year, so the lecture halls are not small. I would only bring a portfolio to do an image review with one of the judges (Keith Howe posted a thread about this the other day), otherwise, I wouldn't waste the luggage space Same with a laptop. I woudln't recommend taking notes on one - only because I wouldn't want to carry it around all day. I have a decent camera on my iPhone, so I won't be bringing a "real" camera - one less thing to haul around.

    Keep in mind that we're in a very, very large convention center. Your hotel room will likely be a 10 mintue walk from where the classes are being held (if you're in the host hotel), so you're going to want to carry as little as possible during the day (and have comfy shoes). The trade show is gigantic... and like Todd said, you'll get a lot of stuff there, too (which you'll want to take to your hotel room).

    Yes - it will be like the Bellies & Babies tour... times 100.

    Be sure to keep empty space in your luggage to bring back all of your trade show goodies. OH! One other tip on the trade show... carry two bags.... because every booth you walk by will want to hand you some sort of information. In one bag, put the stuff that you really like. In the other bag, put the stuff that you don't like. Then when you get back to your room, you can throw away the bag that contains the stuff you don't like. It makes the sorting process much easier later!

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    Last year was a record over 8K people at Imaging last year. If you try and follow what someone is doing on a laptop, you'll miss something and it just messes you up, IMO.
    Notes are the way to go.

    And remember there will be an room, sponsored by Miller's lab, where you can check your email on a computer. There will also be an get together there Sunday.
    Check out this thread for more info-

    Carrying less is more at a convention.

    And in times like this, if you pick up just 2 or 3 things that help your business, it can be a major thing. That's why so many people go.

    There will be overflow rooms for some of the speakers. LAst year I missed out on seating in the "regular" lecture room and got to an overflow room.
    I actually like it better!
    I could see the speaker much better on a big screen than eyeballing them at a great distance. And I could stretch out. I was much more comfortable. So if you get directed to an overflow room, don't fret. It'll be cool.

    And for Ann Geddes, I'd recommend getting there real early. That will be packed and packed early.

    Times like these with the economy are when you want to invest in yourself and go to events where you can improve your skills, both photography and business. While you should "hunker" down with expenses, this is the time to do things that will pay off in the long run. Sharing rooms, using a buddy pass, etc. are great ways to cut down costs. If anyone is driving, you should post ride shares here to share those costs. Once in Phoenix, you may not need a car if you ride their light rail.

    ImagingUSA is about inspiring you, educating you, building a fire under you, and just plain having a good time doing it!

    From what we can read on hotel reservations and early registrations, a lot of people also feel that way. We're expecting another great attendance this year.

    See y'all there Sunday!

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    Bring two pairs of comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet more than you realize and it is nice to be able to switch out the shoes. Also, when you are packing, plan for cool evenings.

    I always bring power bars. With all of the programming, parties and the Imaging Expo, sometimes you end up running around all day without stopping to eat, so they can be a real lifesaver.

    When you are planning your agenda for the show, don't forget about the reception on Sunday night in the Miller's Internet Cafe'. It is a great way to meet new folks on your first day before you head over to the opening night party.

    See you in Phoenix!
    Gregory Aide
    Production Manager

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    will I be able to "take" notes with a camera or will there be a lot of "Do Not Copy" "Copyright" "No photos allowed" kind of stuff? My kicking around camera is a D100, it's paid for and it works.

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