We are excited to announce an addition to our already stellar pre-convention class line-up. Arrive early and spend a day with Tamara Lackey and Jesh de Rox as they break down their "client experience workflow."

The Client Experience Workflow: Connection, Capture & Post Processing
with Tamara Lackey and Jesh de Rox
Friday, January 9, 2009 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Registration Price: $129.00
Sponsored by: Buckeye & Simply Canvas

Whether you photograph weddings, portraits or editorial assignments, Jesh de Rox and Tamara Lackey will give you an inside look into the workflow of creating amazing client experiences.

  • Connecting with subjects in ways that elicit authentic expression, inviting powerfully genuine relationships and building valuable word-of-mouth referral networks.
  • Practicing proven techniques for capturing subjects artfully and attractively, giving you details on specific techniques that can enhance your ability to shoot anywhere, at any time.
  • Taking post-processing skills to an artistic level, enhancing your ability to provide your clients with a service and experience they can't get anywhere else.