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    My wife Lora was contacted yesterday by someone from PPA and she had an album in the Loan collection and was selected for top 10. We are new to this and Lora is a 1st time interant and we understand that it is a great accomplishment. So could someone explain what exactly she won ,and they would like for us to attend the conference. We were planning a family trip and weren't going so in other word should we change our plans? She also won West Virginia phootographer of the year. I guess I am braging on her a little. Any help would be very helpful Thanks
    Kevin Yeater
    You can visit her web site at www.

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    I've copied your post and forwarded your note on to the PPA-PEC Administrator asking that someone respond to your note. Keep an eye out for an email...
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    Congrats on making the loan collection! I'm pretty sure they put the top 10 on a DVD and then sell it at Imaging USA.

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    Booked are flight and got reservations at the Sheraton. It seems Lora my wife won one of the photographers of the year and top 10 in album. Hope to meet some of you on the forum board.
    Kevin Yeater

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