Hi group;

I'll be giving the Certification Exam again on Sunday April 23rd near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It's going to be here soon so if your want to take the test ... call PPA and set up with them for a test to be made up for you. Then contact me at floryphotog@mindspring.com so I know to watch for a test from PPA for you & to look for you that day. And I'll give you directions to the meeting hotel. This is during the 1st day of our state assn. annual convention. When I gave the test in Feb. the people being tested also signed up for the programs so they combined the two. So call PPA now at 1 (800) 786-6277 to start the process of being certified !

D. Craig Flory PPA Certified, Cr.Photographer, PPA C.P.P. Liaison, ASP