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    Hey all,

    The Epson Print Academy is starting up again. I'll be hosting Track 1 and Jeff Schewe will be hosting Track 2.

    Along with great printing info, there will be a lot of good old straight forward photography information. I'll also be doing my lighting essentials and doing a studio lighting demo. It's always been a great learning day.

    The first one is in Atlanta on Sat., Nov 8th.
    Washington DC on Sunday, Nov. 16th.
    Dallas and NYC in Dec.
    Seattle in January.

    For the whole schedule, dates and descriptions, go to

    If any folks are there,please come up and say "hey" during the breaks.


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    I went to one in 2004 with Vincent Versace and it was great. I learned so much. In fact, it was during this class that I first heard of Jack Reznicki (there was a video segment of Jack in action.) It's a good learning experience, and reasonably affordable, too. The price has gone up substantially, but it is probably still worth it.
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