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    Default What members and non-members can see?

    I know in the past before the upgrade to the forum there was a small section which only PPA members could view on the forum.

    My question is since the upgrade did the powers of the PPA forum block off more sections only to PPA members?

    A good friend of mine and fellow photographer who is not a member is having trouble logging into the forum and seeing some of the older threads (before the upgrade). It seems they can not see many of the sections of the forum they used to be able to see.

    Either way is fine with me I am just trying to find out the answer to their questions!

    Thank you for all the hard work, as with anything people hate change but I feel the forum needed a major upgrade and I think you did well doing so!
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    There is no change in the member-only forums. Anyone who is not a member of PPA should still have access to the same forums when they are logged in. If you log out, only a few of the forums are still accessible tho, mostly the ones with general PPA news.
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