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    Ever since the change to the new format, I do not have any pms in my inbox. I get pms, I get emails saying I do and if the message wasn't included in the email, I'd never know what the message was about. I then have to track down the sender and send them a pm...which IS stored in my pm box.

    Is this just me, is there a setting I have to change or a true glitch?

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    Linda, I've sent you and email and some PMs to try to get more data on exactly what's happening to you.
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    Linda, you actually have two user accounts with identical usernames and email addresses. I am not sure how this is possible. One was created a couple of months ago, it could have been a problem with the data import. Your messages might be going to that account, or possibly, between the two accounts your message limit may have been exceeded.

    I have merged that account into your regular account (the one you have had the longest). I am updating the usernames and profiles now to complete the process. When I am done I will send you a PM. Let me know if you get it.
    Gregory Aide
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    Thank you for following through! Gregory, it's working FINE now. I see I have a ton of pms I must take care of...old ones I could not access.

    Thanks again.
    Linda Gregory

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