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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick_Massarini View Post
    Sounds like a good idea - I missed most of the get togethers last year - I only made it to the lunch meeting on the patio. We need to get a cell phone list started for Phoenix !
    Yeah, we do... it's fast approaching! (yay!) I can't wait.. I'm so glad I don't have to miss this year like I did last year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd_Reichman View Post
    For the second year in a row we can't go to IUSA. Once again our local wedding show (the one where we book 25-40% of our business) is happening over the same weekend!?!?!? This is so disappointing. We started our careers at Imaging USA, attending for the first time before we even owned a camera. It was like going back to our roots every year and understanding how far we'd come and how far we had to go.

    It seemed like in year's past IUSA was later in January. Oh well. Unfortunately that means WPPI is getting my convention money this year. Its a bummer, WPPI is a great convention (and WAY more wedding oriented) but I like for my money to go to supporting PPA.

    Now I have to suffer through another January knowing that everyone else is having the fun and all my OurPPA cohorts will be living it up and having great stories to tell while I'll be back home.

    Curses, foiled again!!!

    - trr
    You should tell us the secret to doing that well at wedding shows.
    Ours are a complete waste of time.

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    I'd be happy to, Eric - I know some people are down on wedding shows or think they only cater to the lowest-end bride but we booked many 5-figure weddings off of last January's shows. These were shows that also had much less-expensive shooters too, so I wouldn't say it was a budget show or anything.

    It has everything to do with establishing a strong and memorable business image and making a statement about who you are and what you do. Beyond that its all building relationships (don't make the first thing out of your mouth, "what's your date?" etc.).

    - trr
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charity_Reed View Post
    Todd you should post the picture of your bridal show booth so everyone can see how much you and Jaime put into it. Then they would understand why you can't have past clients and your office manager man the booth for you.
    Todd, I would additionally love to see the booth.

    My business is built by me also. However, I believe if you have competent people that work for you, who love your business just as much as you do, that in your absence, they can produce as much excitement with a new client as if you were there. Those of you who are down on my idea may not have that going for you? I don't know.

    My brother, who is my assistant, and my Marketing Manager, who is a past client, does a phenomenal job at bridal shows when I'm not there, and I get just as many bookings.

    Here's a picture of our booth from the last show. As you can see... a lot goes into our booth as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric_Leszkowicz
    You should tell us the secret to doing that well at wedding shows. Ours are a complete waste of time.
    Eric, in addition to the way you set your booth up and how you connect with the clients, I believe a lot of how successful a bridal show does is based on how it is promoted. The person/company that puts on our largest bridal shows does numerous avenues of advertising... and does it well. We have brides from all backgrounds attend the shows.
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    This will be my first year at IUSA, Im still getting my feet wet in the photography biz, most of my work is for Hank Willaims Jr, check out my photos at

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