For the second year in a row we can't go to IUSA. Once again our local wedding show (the one where we book 25-40% of our business) is happening over the same weekend!?!?!? This is so disappointing. We started our careers at Imaging USA, attending for the first time before we even owned a camera. It was like going back to our roots every year and understanding how far we'd come and how far we had to go.

It seemed like in year's past IUSA was later in January. Oh well. Unfortunately that means WPPI is getting my convention money this year. Its a bummer, WPPI is a great convention (and WAY more wedding oriented) but I like for my money to go to supporting PPA.

Now I have to suffer through another January knowing that everyone else is having the fun and all my OurPPA cohorts will be living it up and having great stories to tell while I'll be back home.

Curses, foiled again!!!

- trr