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    Default No-Posted?

    I was trolling through the member list and noticed a ton of people are no-posted. What gives? I've never seen that status before...
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    I would argue about a "ton" of people. That implies we do this a lot and frankly we don't. But when someone needs to have their status set to "nopost" usually from breaking rules such as attacking a person, we do so.
    But I wouldn't use such word as a "ton". The connotation is not correct as it implies this is a closed Forum and we strive to keep this as open and as user friendly as we can.
    There are some people who go on Forums to see how much they can stir up the crowd. That drives good people who are looking for real answers and good answers to their problems and issues. It also creates an atmosphere of people jumping on each other for minor or perceived slights. We're proud at the professional level of discussion and how open we are to both new people and those who do have differing viewpoints.

    Hope that explains it.

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    Many of those names are pseudo-names that were for the purpose of spamming. Your OurPPA committee caught all of those and put them on no post.
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